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Definitions and the symbol of Eshragh:

"Eshragh Institute of Higher Education" is located in the north-east of Iran - North Khorasan Province-Bojnourd city.

The naming of this collection is a reminiscent of one of Iran's land science myths in the name of "Abu al-Fitah Shahab al-Din Suhrawardi", known as "Sheikh Eshragh". It is also in some way related to the geographical location of the institute.

1. Terminology:

In the Persian dictionary, the term Eshragh has different meanings: Kindle, shine, sunrise, sunlight and, literally means inspiration.

The power of discovering the truth without logical reasoning and by virtue of taste and mind power.

It is the Philosophy originated from the philosophy of Plato. The revelatory and propagator of this wisdom in Islam and Iran is Sheikh Shahabuddin Suhrawardi. In the philosophers’ term, Eshragh means: the discovery and the martyrdom or the emergence of rational evolution on the human soul.

2. Theoretical Basis Used in Logo Design of the Institute:

In the field of the basics of Visual Arts and Visual Literacy, types of lines and their shapes are expressing different morals and states. In fact, for the visual presentation of the above mentioned issues and their combination with other features of a training set such as geographical location, the goals of establishing an institution and the reason for representing the logo, the logo of that set require a delicate, sensitive, yet simple lines of shapes that has been used in the design of the logo of the Institute of Higher Education of Eshragh.As noted above, "Eshragh" denotes shining, brightening, sunlight and a scientific theory as well as somehow expressing the geographic location of the complex that is presented as follows:

 Eshragh School:

 Sheikh Shahabuddin Yahya ibn Habash, well-known as Abu al-Fattah, was born in Suhraward. He was also called Sheikh Eshragh and Sheikh Nuri, Shahab The victim, Qatylullah and Hakim The victim. Sheikh Eshragh was unmatched in wisdom and philosophy in the principles of jurisprudence and He was also well versed in jurisprudence, hadith and literary sciences, and some strange sciences like Simia and etc. He was overcome by everyone in a polemic and so much rare things has been said about him.

The color Orange:

It represents happiness, vitality, good humor and unparalleled warmth. The use of the color orange in the environment, is regenerative such as breathing clean oxygen. The color orange induces vitality into life; this color can be both enthusiastic and calm. This color is associated with the fall season and the fire, and has a special power that can awaken the sense of dynamism and development in human which is one of the most important characteristics of the university and student.

The open book:

Associated with the continuity of education and learning and refers to the famous sentence of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that say: Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

The light:

It represents the brightness and destruction of darkness, darkness and ignorance, and the movement towards knowledge and consciousness. According to Mowlana, there is only one truth in the world, that is the consciousness and there is only a sin that is ignorance. "

 The sun:

It represents the source of light, lighting and energy, which the light is also one of the pillars in the philosophy of Eshragh, which manifests itself in the minds and thought of human beings by which one can achieve the revelation of his soul.

The flame:

It represents the burning and sacrifice of teachers and professors to educate the students and transfer knowledge and meaning to them.

Pen and Unity of pens:

Referring tothe verse of holly Quran" Swear to the pen and what they write with the pen" and according to the Nemooneh commentary:

"The pen is what originates from the emersion of all human civilizations, the advancement and evolution of science, the awakening of thoughts and the formation of religions, and the source of guidance and awareness of mankind as far as the human life is divided into two periods. The era of history and pre-history. The period of human history begins when the line was invented and man was able to take his life on pages and/or in the other word it’s a time when the man started to write and what he had written was left as memory.

 God referred to the high authority of the pen in Holy Qur'an, the first verses, which were revealed to the holy heart of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) and said: read in the name of your great lord. He who taught human beings by pen. “The pen is the main element of presentation of science and knowledge and the unity of all of them represents the alliance for the transcendental goals of education.


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